Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.6.0 Crack 2022

Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.6.0 Crack Latest Download 2022

The Enchanted Crayon is the perfect computer-based virtual coloring book for children. As the name suggests, it’s a coloring book for children but on a computer instead of using crayons and paper.

While nominally aimed at children of 3 years and older, we think that even younger children could be quite happy playing away with this.

Enchanted Crayon is a fun way to get children used to using a computer. And ‘fun’ is the keyword with this software. It’s also educational, which is always good. Enchanted Crayon helps teach children the basics about computers especially how a mouse and keyboard work. There are also elementary aspects of choice and consequences, but all done with coloring in shapes and pictures and is practically guaranteed to keep their attention.

There are 12 pictures for children to choose to color in, and there is a simple and child-friendly color palette for them to use. The learning curve for children is almost non-existent, and they will be coloring away within a few minutes.

The pictures come with varying degrees of difficulty so children can set themselves a real challenge once they’ve mastered the basics.

Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.4.3

The Enchanted Crayon can be used on any Windows-based environment from PC, tablet, and notebook. The sound is also required, as it’s an integral part of the software, but does contribute to the overall experience.

Enchanted Crayon Virtual Colouring Book 1.4.3

Key Features:

  • Coloring on a computer for children.
  • Aimed at children.
  • Educational.
  • Bright vivid colors.
  • Simple to learning.
  • Cute animals.

  • Easy to print.
  • Autosave features.
  • Ability to limit children’s limitless curiosity through thoughtfully provided grown-up controls.

Overall, Enchanted Crayon is a good piece of child-focused educational fun, with an emphasis on fun.

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