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Microsoft Office 2019 Crack is the latest iteration of the industry-standard office suit. Software Microsoft Office 2019 includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business, each of which is an essential tool in the computerized office workplace of today. It also boasts a range of enhanced IT options that are designed to make life easier for newcomers to the field. Make no mistake: this is a versatile set of tools and no office should be without it.

Microsoft is providing an update on Office 2019 today, revealing that the apps will only run on Windows 10. In a support article for service and support of Windows and Office, Microsoft has revealed you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10 if you want the latest version of Office without subscribing to the company’s Office 365 service. Microsoft is also extending its Windows 10 support for enterprise and education customers running certain versions of the operating system. Windows 10 versions 1511, 1607, 1703, and 1709 will all be supported for another six months to help enterprise and education users move to the latest supported versions of Windows 10.

What New Features Will Office 2019 Include?

Microsoft has not released comprehensive information about new features yet. In the above blog post from September 2019, however, Jared Spataro, general manager for Office, mentioned a few:

  • New and improved inking features, like pressure sensitivity, tilt effects, and ink replay.
  • New Excel formulas and charts, to make data analysis more powerful.
  • Visual animation features, like Morph and Zoom, to add polish to PowerPoint presentations.

Spataro also listed server enhancements regarding usability and voice. Could this mean that Cortana will integrate better with Office 2019? We can expect to learn more when the first previews of Office 2019 make an appearance in mid.

The bundle, named “Office 2019,” will be geared to customers, primarily corporate customers, “who aren’t yet ready for the cloud,” according to Microsoft.

MS Office

But other than that description, Microsoft has been vague about the prospect of Office 2019 with a “perpetual” license, one that lets the customer run the suite as long as desired without further payments. So, we collected some of the pressing questions businesses may have about the suite.

Microsoft categorizes software by how it is paid for, discriminating between a license that was bought outright from one that is essentially “rented” because it’s paid for over time, like a subscription.

Most of the time Microsoft uses the term “one-time purchase” to label a software license that is paid for with a “single, up-front cost to get Office applications for one computer.” The purchase gives the buyer the right to use Office in perpetuity. In other words, the license has no expiration date, and users may run the suite as long as they want.

When will Microsoft release Office 2019?

The company pegged the launch of the suite during the second half of the year. “This release, scheduled for the second half of, will include perpetual versions of the Office apps … and servers,” wrote Jared Spataro, general manager for Office, in a September post to a company blog.

Spataro called out “Office 2019” at the time as the nameplate for the application collection.

When will Microsoft release Office 2019?

No date yet, but there are hints enough to take a guess.

In late September, Microsoft offered the Windows edition of Office to Office 365 customers first, then followed by retail versions. Office 2019 will likely appear around the same time of the year, in that same order.

Here’s why.

Microsoft now issues two Office 365 ProPlus feature upgrades — ProPlus is the standard suite that provides rights to the locally installed applications, including Excel, Outlook, and Word, for 365 subscribers — annually. Those feature upgrades begin reaching customers in September and March of each year. (Last Sept. 12, Microsoft issued a feature upgrade, designated 1708, to Office 365 ProPlus.)

Because the perpetual licensed version of Office 2019 will be built from code already released as Office 365 ProPlus — and because a beta of Office 2019 will debut in mid-— it’s more likely that Microsoft will use the March feature upgrade for Office 365 ProPlus subscribers than the September feature upgrade as the basis for Office 2019.

Microsoft Office 2019

Office 2019

The three months between the March appearance of the ProPlus feature upgrade and the July 2018 launch of the Office 2019 preview will give Microsoft time to digest feedback from customers and fix any bugs that surface. The change from Office‘s beta release date (Jan 2024) to Office 2019’s (mid-summer 2024) was probably necessary to accommodate the March feature upgrade timetable; Microsoft didn’t adopt the Windows 10-all feature release schedule for Office 365 until after the launch of Office 2016 in September 2015.

All Microsoft has to do to declare the applications delivered to ProPlus subscribers — Word, Outlook, and so on — as officially “Office 2019” versions is to rename them. It could do that on Mar. 11, 2024, the likely date it will release that year’s second ProPlus feature upgrade.

The feature set may not be revealed until mid-2018 when Microsoft releases a preview of the suite. For his part, Spataro hinted at some of what will make it into Office 2019, calling out such features as Ink replay in Word and Morph in PowerPoint, which has been available to Office 365 subscribers for one and two years, respectively.

And that’s important to remember.

There’s little to no chance that Office 2019 will include any groundbreaking new features. Why? The perpetually-licensed version of the suite is built by taking the accumulated changes since the predecessor appeared — the changes issued to Office 365 subscribers over the past several years.

Microsoft will take the version of Office 2016 that Office 365 ProPlus users have in, say, the spring of 2018 — and that version of Office 2016 is different than the 2015 version of Office 2016 sold as a one-time purchase — freeze the code and call it Office 2019.

Will Microsoft sell a one-time purchase version of Office after Office 2019?

“Office 2019 will provide 5 years of mainstream support and approximately 2 years of extended support,” said Spataro in the Feb. 1 announcement. “This is … to align with the support period for Office 2016. Extended support will end 10/14/2025.”

That’s the same day Office 2016’s support expires.

The simultaneous retirement of the two perpetually licensed suites is the strongest signal yet that Microsoft plans to shut down the one-time purchase option after Office 2019. By shortening 2019’s support lifespan – something Microsoft has <i>never</i> done to Office for Windows – it will be able to wash its hands of both suites at the same time, ending the decades-old purchasing option and making the subscription-based Office 365 the only way to license the applications.

The late 2025 deadline will let Microsoft sell Office 2019 for years – during the Mainstream stretch, most likely – while hedging about a successor throughout. But it can still give enterprise customers a multi-year heads-up that it’s the last of its kind (and that those customers need to move to subscriptions).

Is it true that Office 2019 won’t work on Windows 7? Or even Windows 8.1?

Yes, that’s true. Or maybe, no, it’s not.

Along with its announcement that Office 2019’s support will run out after seven years, Microsoft also painted the system requirements with a broad brush. The requirements are substantially more restrictive than Office 2016’s.

For all we know, Office 2019 may work, perhaps not perfectly, on the older OSes. Even if that were the case, however, Microsoft can easily bar Office security updates from reaching Windows 7 or 8.1 PCs. Historically, it has done exactly that, such as when it blocked Windows 7 systems from receiving Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) security updates after January 2016.

When Microsoft means it won’t support Office 2019, it means it. Along with the no-Office-2019-support-on-Windows-8.1 rule, Microsoft also put the kibosh on Office 365 ProPlus for 8.1.

“Effective January 14, 2024, ProPlus will no longer be supported on … [Windows 8.1 and older],” said Microsoft’s Spataro. “This will ensure that both Office and Windows receive regular, coordinated updates to provide the most secure environment with the latest capabilities.”

(The latter’s support runs out in April 2023, three months after Windows 8.1’s expires.)

Blocking updates to Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 8.1 likely didn’t make Microsoft blink; the operating system accounts for such a small slice of the overall Windows pie. In January, analytics vendor Net Applications pegged Windows 8’s and 8.1’s combined user share as about 7.6% of all Windows editions.

By the time January 2020 rolls around, Windows 8/8.1 should be under 5%, if the declining trend remains close to that of the last 12 months

System requirements for MS Office 2019 full version:

  1. Your PC Processor: 3.0 GHz Maximum
  2. Your System Memory RAM: 4 GHz Maximum
  3. Hard Drive Space: 6.0 GB of free space
  4. You have just installed the latest version of DirectX 12 or later
  5. Supported Operating System: Windows All Version Windows 7, 8.1, Windows 10 and Server

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